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14. marts 2014

Participation in the Congress of the Council for European Studies: Resurrections

Several members of the research project participates in the congress: "Congress of the Council for European Studies: Resurrections"

Washington, DC.
Date: March 14-16, 2014.


March 14
Members of the project participates in the panel: "The European Commission during the “Crisis” of the 1970s (1973-85): Resurrection or Survival?"

Chair: Morten Rasmussen, University of Copenhagen.

Paper presentation: Bill Davies, American University: "From the Cell to the Courtroom: The Extraordinary Career of European Jurist Walter Much"

March 15
The project is presenting a panel: "Learning from the past: Towards a New History of
European Law"

Chair: Billy Davies, American University, Washington, DC.

Paper presentations:

Anne Boerger, University of Alberta: "Negotiating the Foundation: The History of the negotiations on the institutional and legal features of the EEC Treaty, 1955-1958"

Morten Rasmussen, University of Copenhagen: "How are ECJ Judges Nominated? A Historical Study of Judge Nominations from 1952 to 1972"

Vera Fritz, University of Aix-Marseille: "Between Luxembourg and De Gaulle. French Reception of European Law 1958-1975"

Alexandre Bernier, University of Copenhagen: "The Legal Academy and European Community law: An Analysis of Common Market Law Review, 1963-1993"

Rebekka Byberg, University of Copenhagen: "Common Market Law Review 1963-1993"

Read more about the conference, download the program or read abstracts of all the papers here.