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07. maj 2013

EUSA conference 2013

The 2013 EUSA (European Union Studies Association) congress will take place in Baltimore, The United States on May 9-11 with participation of Anne Boerger-De Smedt, Bill Davies, Morten Rasmussen and Alexandre Bernier.

Anne Boerger will present her paper "At the Cradle of Legal Scholarship on the European Union: The Life and Legacy of Eric Stein" while her and Morten Ramussen will be speaking on "Building European Law. The Life and Role of Michel Gaudet".

Anne will also be acting chair on the panel A Dark Decade of European Integration? New Histories of the 1970s while Morten Rasmussen will be discussant. Morten will also be acting chairman of the panel on Europe in Crisis - Perspectives and Remedies and The Role of National Parliaments in European Integration.

Alexandre Bernier will make a presentation entitled "Facilitating and challenging European law: the struggle of two competing networks of jurists and  politicians in France, 1975-1989"

Bill Davies will present two papers. One on Walter Much entitled "From the Cell to the Courtroom: The Remarkable Life of European Jurist Walter Much" and one on the ECJ and Germany: "Resisting the Court of Justice: Germany’s Reception of European Law 1952-1979". Also, Bill will act as chair on the panel The Decision-making Culture of the Council of Ministers as well as on Decision-making in the European Union.

Download the full program here.